Dear Reader,
Before you embark on reading what I hope will be a fresh and insightful statement, I want to inform you about three things: the reason for this philosophy, a brief explanation of the basis of this theory, and my personal attatchment to it. So, good and evil. For any who take enough interest to delve into their origins and natures, good and evil have simplistic appearances, yet at their roots lies a complexity far beyond the bounds of human comprehension. One thing many don't realize is that good and evil are like brother and sister, constantly clashing yet a vital part of each other's existence. It was from this observation that my personal philosophy statement was born: The idea of GOOD cannot exist without acts of EVIL. I feel like this statement is evidenced everywhere, from current events to ancient history. Just think of slavery, for one. I think that qualifies as an act of evil, and at the very least an act of ignorance, which, according to Plato, is "the root and the stem of every evil." Born from these atrocities was the notion of the "good" reaction. I would classify the Emancipation Proclamation and the "I Have a Dream" speech as ideas of good procured by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. from the mire of evil action. Hopefully, if you are completely lost, my other in-class connections will aid in your understanding! Finally, I want to talk about my connection to this statement. In reality, one of my favorite things to observe is the ongoing battle between good and evil. I wanted to explore their relationship at a deeper level to glean some information on how this world and it's people run the way they do. And so we commence said explanation.
Go forth,