Preconcieved notions of GOOD and EVIL are an inherent part of society, imbued into every child as soon as it draws a first breath.
In reality, good and evil are
PREDATORexternal image 2756641618_d6e1849562_m.jpgand PREYexternal image 1442173753_4cafc3a6f5_m.jpg
Ever involved in their own unique realtionship, focused on their dance performed on a knife's edge.

LIGHTexternal image 2932156832_8679068187_m.jpgand DARKexternal image 2270683522_e8897bd4c3_m.jpg
Continuously chasing after the other, pleading their case to whom ever will listen and providing a haven for those lost in the mire.

LIFEexternal image 3079056842_792f94f4ef_m.jpgand DEATHexternal image 2242426972_dcbd43927d_m.jpg
One giving and one taking away, yet without one, the other becomes an unbearable thing.

As are GOOD and EVIL.
They are the antithesis of each other, yet bonded in mysterious ways. We either desire one or the other, yet without both, one has no purpose.
external image abstract31_std.jpg
Therefore, the idea of GOOD cannot exist without acts of EVIL.

Pictures provided by Flickr.